Causes and Countermeasures for Body Odor in Junior High School Students: Body odor can be a target of bullying…


Junior high school students who have reached puberty begin to worry about body odor as their bodies change.

During this period, the composition of sweat changes, and boys in particular may have stronger body odor.
Junior high school girls also become more sensitive to body odor, both their own and that of those around them.

This article is intended for junior high school students and their parents who are concerned about body odor, and introduces simple measures that can be taken in daily life to prevent body odor.
By understanding the causes of body odor and taking effective countermeasures, you can make school life and friendships more pleasant.

Causes and Countermeasures for Body Odor in Junior High School Students

The main cause of body odor is due to changes in hormonal balance unique to puberty.
During this period, apocrine sweat glands become active and sweat and sebum mix to emit a distinctive odor.
Irregular lifestyle, eating habits, and stress can also contribute to a strong body odor.

The basic rule to prevent body odor is to maintain a clean body.

1. Daily bathing

Daily bathing is the most basic of all body odor countermeasures.
Wash off sweat and sebum thoroughly and keep your body clean.
Especially, it is important to wash the underarms, back, and soles of the feet carefully as these are the areas that sweat most often.

2. Use of correct deodorant products

Use of deodorant sprays or roll-on type products can reduce the odor of sweat. The key is to use them before sweating.
However, overuse can cause skin irritation, so be sure to use the right amount.

3Ј. Clean clothes

The clothes you wear can also be a source of odor.
Choose breathable materials and change clothes promptly after sweating.
Wash underwear and other items that come in direct contact with the skin every day.

4. Review your diet

Dietary habits also have a significant impact on body odor.
Be sure to eat a well-balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, and fermented foods.

Be careful not to consume excessive amounts of the following, as they may make body odor stronger.

  • Meat
  • Fatty foods
  • Foods with strong aroma such as garlic and onions
  • Processed foods

5. Adequate Hydration

Drinking enough water makes it easier to eliminate waste products from the body.
It also helps to reduce body odor, so consume approximately 2 liters of water per day.

6.Sleep: Get quality sleep.

Getting enough sleep inhibits the secretion of substances that cause body odor.
Avoid looking at your phone or computer before going to bed, as the blue light emitted from phone and computer screens can interfere with sleep.

If body odor is severe, consult a specialist.

If your body odor does not go away in spite of care, we recommend that you see a medical professional such as a dermatologist or an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Medical institutions can professionally diagnose the cause of your body odor and provide appropriate treatment.

Body odor and bullying

Having a strong body odor may lead to being teased, talked about behind one’s back, or ostracized by one’s peers.
Adolescent junior high school students are especially sensitive to body odor and may be bullied because of their body odor.
Bullying due to body odor is a serious problem for them.
Body odor may cause them to not want to go to school or interact with others, leading to non-attendance or withdrawal from school.

Countermeasures against bullying due to body odor

Here are some suggestions to prevent bullying due to body odor.

1. Take measures to prevent body odor.

As mentioned above, taking good body odor countermeasures such as bathing, antiperspirants, deodorant sprays, diet, and sleep can help reduce body odor.

2. Tell the person about body odor

Perhaps the person in question is unaware of his or her body odor.

In that case, you should tell the person, but be careful how you tell him or her. Be sure to tell him or her casually so as not to hurt his or her feelings.

3. Create an environment in which it is easy to ask for advice.

There are cases where the person is aware of the problem, but may not feel comfortable discussing it with you.
Even as an adult, it is difficult to talk to others about body odor.

Create an environment in which they can feel comfortable discussing their body odor with you.
If you have an environment where you can talk to someone you trust, not only your parents, but also your school teachers and friends, you may be able to prevent bullying.

4. If you are being bullied, talk to an adult immediately.

If you are being bullied because of your body odor, it is important to talk to an adult immediately.
Talk to someone you trust, such as a school teacher or counselor, as well as your parents.

**Body odor can happen to anyone.
If you are being bullied because of your body odor, never keep it to yourself, but talk to someone around you. **


Body odor is a sensitive issue for junior high school boys and girls, but with the right knowledge and measures, body odor can be improved.

However, if it does not seem to improve, please consult a specialist doctor.