Why Do People Smell Their Own Feet?3 Causes and Surprising Effects


When you are alone in a room, you end up smelling your own feet…

Have you ever had this experience? I have.

In this article, I will show you 3 reasons why you might be smelling your own feet.

3 reasons why you might want to sniff your own feet

At first glance, the act of smelling one’s own feet may seem like just another odd, hentai-like habit.
However, there are deeper meanings to this habit in terms of our psychological and physiological aspects.

Reason #1: Gaining a sense of security

We find a special sense of security in our body odor.
This is due to the calming effect of smelling our own pheromones.

Humans have evolved to feel a sense of “safety” and “self” through our own smell.
Just as we feel comfortable with the smells of our family and loved ones, sniffing our own feet is a form of unconscious reassurance-seeking behavior.

In fact, animal behavior studies have shown that animals’ stress levels are reduced when they smell their own and their companions’ body odors.
This effect is seen in humans as well and is a natural way to relieve daily stress and anxiety.

Reason #2: Investigate your own health

A change in foot odor can be an important clue as to the state of your physical health.
An unusual odor may indicate some health problem.

For example, if your feet smell sweet and sour than usual, it may be an early sign of diabetes.

Thus, the act of smelling one’s own feet serves as an unconscious check on one’s health.

Reason #3: Inquisitiveness and curiosity

We humans are born with an inquisitive and curious mind.
It is a sign of curiosity that we are interested in what our bodies smell like.

Even as adults, we are still compelled to sniff our own feet, wondering why they smell so fragrant and special, why they are so different from the rest of us.

This is an expression of our inner inquisitiveness and desire to know more about ourselves.

I want to know more about myself.

Thus, the act of smelling feet cannot be simply dismissed as a strange habit, but is one of our innate instinctive behaviors.


  • If your feet smell differently or unusually bad, you may have some health problem.
    If you are concerned, see a local health care provider.
  • Basically, the best time to smell your feet is when you are alone.
    Most people probably don’t want to see someone sniffing their feet up close.
    So, do this kind of behavior secretly, alone.


Smelling feet may seem strange to the casual observer, but it is actually a meaningful behavior.

From today, sniff your feet with confidence! (alone and in secret)

Have a good life!