Causes of Nose Hair Growth and Countermeasures


Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen your nose hair popping out?

Many people are concerned about nose hair and may feel embarrassed about it.
However, nose hair plays an important role in protecting our health.

Role of Nasal Hair: 3 Functions to Protect Our Health

Nasal hairs have three functions: filter, humidifier, and temperature regulator to keep our nasal passages healthy and prevent foreign substances from entering our body.

Filter function: a defensive wall that protects the body from foreign substances

Nasal hairs catch foreign substances such as dust, pollen, viruses, and bacteria that enter the nasal cavity and act as a filter to prevent them from entering the body.
Nose hairs form a filter mesh that can catch even the smallest foreign substances.

Humidifying function: lubricating oil that protects the nasal passages from dryness

Nasal hairs act as humidifiers that keep the nasal passages moist and prevent them from drying out.
When the nasal passages become dry, the nasal mucosa becomes more vulnerable to colds and infections.
Nasal hairs protect the nasal mucosa and keep it healthy by maintaining moderate humidity in the nasal cavity.

Thermoregulatory function: a barrier that protects the nasal passages from temperature changes

Nasal hairs have a temperature-regulating function that protects the nasal cavity from temperature changes.
The nasal cavity is easily affected by outside air and temperature changes.
Nasal hairs play a role in protecting the function of the nasal mucosa by adjusting the temperature difference between the outside air and inside the nasal cavity and maintaining a constant temperature inside the nasal cavity.

Causes of nasal hair growth: growth rate, gender differences, and environmental influences

Nasal hair, like other body hair, grows in a cycle called the hair cycle, which repeats growth and regression.
Men are more affected by male hormones than women, and they tend to grow thicker and longer.
In addition, although the rate of growth slows with age, lifestyle habits such as lack of sleep and stress may make nasal hair grow more easily.
Additionally, if you spend time in poor air quality or work in a dusty or dusty environment, your nose hairs may grow faster and more abundantly.
This is because nose hairs grow faster as a defensive response to protect the body from foreign substances.
The human body is a mystery.

An example of how the environment can cause a lot of nose hair to grow.

  • People living in areas with severe air pollution may need to grow more hairs in order for their nose hairs to catch foreign substances, resulting in faster growth of nose hairs.
  • People who work in dusty environments, such as factories or construction sites, may have active growth of nasal hairs to filter dust particles that enter the nasal passages.

Troubles caused by overgrown nose hair: It’s not just about looks!

Overgrown nose hair can cause the following problems.

  • Harder breathing: blocking the nasal passages and preventing breathing.
  • Causes rhinitis and nasal congestion: Foreign objects get lodged in the nasal passages and cause inflammation.
  • Filthy impression: Makes others feel uncomfortable.
  • Tangled nasal hair: damages nasal passages, causing pain and inflammation.
  • Nose hairs irritate nasal passages: cause rhinitis and congestion.

Nose hair removal nonsense: 2 things you should not do.

  • Forcibly pulling nose hairs: damages not only nose hairs but also hair follicles and mucous membranes, causing inflammation and buried hairs.
  • Use unclean nose hair removal tools: unclean nose hair removal tools can cause mucous membrane irritation.

Nose hair care methods: find the right method for you!

The following methods are available for nose hair care.

Nose hair scissors: Easy and safe standard item.

These are small scissors specially developed for cutting nose hair.
High-quality nose hair scissors such as “Takumi no Waza” are rounded at the tip of the blade to prevent damage to the mucous membrane of the nose.
The inside of the nose is very delicate, so scissors with sharp tips are really dangerous.

Causes of Nose Hair Growth and Countermeasures

Electric nose hair cutter: very easy. Most recommended item.

Electric nose hair cutters, as the name suggests, are electrical appliance items that specialize in safely removing nose hair.
There are various types available in terms of blade shape, function, and safety guard, but we recommend Panasonic’s nose hair cutter.
The cutter is waterproof, so it can be washed in water to keep it clean.

For men


Electric shavers: for trimming the entire face

Some models of electric shavers are equipped with trimming teeth and can trim the hair around the frown.
Using these trimming teeth, nose hairs can also be cut to some extent.
However, since they cannot reach deep into the nose and are not officially recommended, it would be safer and more efficient to use a dedicated “nose hair cutter” if possible.

Causes of Nose Hair Growth and Countermeasures

Nose hair wax: For those who want to treat the hair from the root.

The advantage of nose hair waxing is that you can treat many nose hairs at once.
It is also called a “Brazilian wax.
However, it is not suitable for people with sensitive skin, as it is quite painful and there is a risk of skin irritation.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully for the type of wax and how to use it correctly.

Causes of Nose Hair Growth and Countermeasures

Medical hair removal: a permanent solution

Medical hair removal is a nasal hair care method that uses laser light to destroy hair follicles, resulting in permanent hair removal.


  • Permanent Effect: Because the laser light destroys the hair root, once the hair is removed, the nose hair will never grow back.
  • Free from the burden of self-treatment: Permanent nose hair removal with medical hair removal will free you from daily nose hair treatment.
  • Maintain clean nasal passages: The elimination of nasal hair prevents the accumulation of dirt in the nasal passages and keeps them clean.
  • Improvement of rhinitis and congestion: If your rhinitis or congestion is caused by nasal hair, medical hair removal may improve your symptoms.


  • Painful: Pain may be felt when the laser beam is applied.
  • Costly: Medical hair removal is more expensive than other hair removal methods.
  • Takes time to show results: Multiple treatments are required before results are achieved.
  • Risk of side effects: Side effects such as burns and pigmentation may occur.

Choose a hair removal clinic and understand the risks!

When undergoing medical hair removal, it is important to choose a medical institution where the procedure is performed by a qualified physician.
In addition, have a thorough consultation beforehand to understand the pain, cost, time it takes to produce results, and risk of side effects before deciding whether to undergo the procedure.

Medical hair removal is a method of nose hair care that can be expected to have permanent effects, but it also has several disadvantages.
It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages before choosing the nose hair care method that is right for you.

Key points for nose hair care

When performing nose hair care, be aware of the following points.

  • Do not forcibly pull it out with your fingers.
  • Do not use inappropriate scissors.
  • Do it in a clean condition.
  • It is not necessary to shave the nose hair completely. Only remove nose hairs that stick out.
  • If using nose hair scissors or electric nose hair cutters, always keep them clean.


Nose hair itself is irreplaceable and plays an important role in protecting our health, and is not something to be ashamed of. However, if left unattended, nose hair can have a negative impact on our appearance, health, and relationships, so we should check and care for our nose hair regularly.

Have a good life!