How to Avoid Divorce in a Midlife Crisis: 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage


Midlife crisis is often a trying time for couples, but it is also an opportunity to further strengthen their relationship by using the right coping strategies.

This article offers practical advice on how to keep your marriage healthy during this dark period and avoid divorce while strengthening your bond.

1. Exchange hearts and strengthen the bond.

Daily communication is a great way to deepen your understanding of each other and strengthen your bond.


  • Listen to each other seriously and empathize.
  • Refrain from criticism and negativity, but be respectful.
  • Share even small daily events.

Tea time at a cafe

At least once a month, have a date at a stylish and relaxed café and openly discuss the emotional changes you have experienced and any concerns you have.
You can have the same conversation at home, but the content of the conversation will change when the location changes.
The key is to choose a café on a dare.

And this time is a special moment just for the two of you.
Turn off your smartphone, listen intently to what your partner has to say, and show mutual support.

Walking date

On weekend mornings or evenings, enjoy a walk in the neighborhood or park while holding hands.
While walking, you can discuss small events or changes in your feelings in your daily life to better understand each other’s feelings.
Walks in nature can also help relieve stress.

Nighttime Bedtime Conversations

Before bedtime, talk with each other about the day’s events and how you felt today.
By dimming the lights in the room a bit and having a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere, you will feel much closer to each other.
Conversation before bedtime can help you feel more secure and lead to better sleep.
Talking in bed is also a good idea!

Exchanging handwritten letters

On each other’s birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc., express your appreciation and affection for each other with handwritten letters instead of emails or chats.
It may be a little embarrassing at first, but writing about your gratitude, affection, and hopes for the future that you are unable to put into words on a daily basis can further strengthen your relationship with each other.

Through these activities, couples can understand each other’s emotional state and develop a deeper bond.
The key is to remember to be considerate and understanding of each other in the midst of the daily grind.
By listening to each other’s hearts and supporting each other, we can help each other overcome any difficulties.

2. Create common hobbies and find new enjoyment.

Having common hobbies can enhance your time together as a couple and invigorate your relationship.
The key is to respect each other’s interests and preferences and to be willing to try new things while having fun.
Nothing lasts forever if it is not fun, so have fun!


  • Respect each other’s interests and preferences.
  • If you don’t enjoy something, don’t force yourself to try something new.
  • Enjoy the process of growing together.

Board games and card games: game night

Enjoy a variety of board games and card games during an evening at home.
Competing and cooperating through games can help to deepen mutual understanding while having fun.
Video games are also acceptable, as long as they can be enjoyed as a family. (But be careful not to get too involved.)

Watching movies: Favorite movies and unknown movie marathons

Choose each other’s favorite movie or a new movie that you have not seen yet, and watch a movie together on a weekend side by side.
Through watching movies, you can share your impressions and make new discoveries.
The movie usually lasts about two hours, so if the content of the movie doesn’t fit and the other person finds it painful, stop the movie and switch to a different one.
Painful habits do not last.

Fishing: Couple Fishing

More and more couples and married couples are enjoying fishing together these days.
They enjoy fishing together in the local sea or river and spending relaxing time in nature.
Cooking together with the fish you catch is another fun activity that strengthens bonds.

If you are close to the ocean, kissing and bean horse mackerel fishing are recommended for beginners.

Fitness Activities: Staying Healthy Together

Two people go to the gym together and work out together.
You can enjoy the process of growing together while maintaining each other’s health.
You can kill two birds with one stone by maintaining your health.

If you don’t have the time or money to go to the gym, just taking a walk together is a very good option.

Artistic Activities

If you are interested in art, you can paint or do ceramics together.
Creative activities allow you to express yourselves and enjoy sharing with each other.

Learning Activity: Learning a new language

The two students begin to learn a new language together, such as English, Korean, or Chinese.
You can encourage each other and share a dream of traveling in that language in the future.
It is a great way to kill two birds with one stone as you can also improve your own skills.

3. Digitally detox and spend time together.

Limiting the use of digital devices will help you focus on each other and deepen your relationship.


  • Set aside a certain amount of time for cell phone use.
  • Turn off notifications on your phone.
  • Prepare alternative activities other than using your phone.

Limit smartphone use during time spent together.

Limit the use of smartphones and other digital devices during meals, dates, and other times when the two of you are spending time together.
Talking while touching your smartphone during a conversation is considered a lack of respect for the other person.
Avoid this practice and listen to what each other has to say.
You will discover something new.

If you are both addicted to smartphones, there are some rather spartan goods you can use, such as the following.

How to Avoid Divorce in a Midlife Crisis: 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage

Do a digital detox on a regular basis

Take advantage of weekends and holidays to set aside time away from your digital devices.
Spending time in nature or enjoying hobbies will help relieve stress and deepen your relationship with each other.

One option is to dare to leave your phone behind when you go out.
If that is not possible, I recommend turning off your phone while on a date.

4. Cherish the small things that make you happy

Finding small happiness in your daily life can nurture your appreciation and enrich your relationship.


  • Be thankful for even the smallest things.
  • Remember to be considerate of the other person.
  • Avoid getting stuck in a rut.

Share moments of gratitude

Share small daily moments of happiness and gratitude with your partner in the form of words.
For example, enjoying a delicious meal together, laughing together, or small acts of kindness from each other,
It is important to honestly and on the spot express the gratitude you feel in your daily life.

Celebrate anniversaries and special occasions

Celebrate special days that are meaningful to both of you, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and even the day you first met.
Special occasions can reaffirm your love for each other and strengthen the bond between you.

Small daily surprises

Small, unexpected surprises can delight your partner and bring freshness to everyday life.
Even something as simple as writing a letter, buying them their favorite sweets, or asking them out on a surprise date can show your partner how much you care about them.

5. Enlist the help of family and friends

Enlisting the support of family and friends can reduce feelings of loneliness and help you work together to solve problems.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those around you.
  • Interact with others who have the same problems.
  • Consider solutions from multiple perspectives.

Meet regularly with each other’s parents.

If physically possible, visit each other’s parents and communicate with your relatives.
Discussing not only your concerns and fears, but also your joys and hopes for the future can deepen mutual understanding and promote open communication.

Parents will feel at ease even if it is just a face-to-face meeting, and this will deepen the bond between the couple.

Deepen communication with friends.

Share your feelings and experiences regarding your midlife crisis with close friends.
A friend’s objective perspective and advice may help you find new solutions.

Take advantage of support groups and communities.

If, for various reasons, you are unable to socialize with your parents or friends, join a local support group or hobby community.
Interacting with a group of people who share the same concerns can help you feel less alone and give you the power to help each other find solutions.


Midlife crisis is a trying time for couples, but it is also an opportunity to further strengthen their relationship by using appropriate coping strategies.

In this article, we have provided the following practical advice for overcoming midlife crisis and building a more fulfilling marriage.

  • Ways to Exchange Minds and Strengthen Your Bond
  • How to find new enjoyment in shared hobbies
  • How to increase your focus time with a digital detox
  • How to cherish the little things that make you happy
  • How to enlist the help of family and friends

The important things are as follows.

  • Have a sense of mutual understanding and respect.
  • Value daily communication.
  • Make an effort to grow together.

By being aware of these points, you will be able to overcome the mid-life crisis and build a deeper loving marriage.

Have a good life!

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