Mindfulness Parenting: 7 Practical Ways to Eliminate Frustration!


Raising a child is exciting and fun every day!

But it can also be frustrating…

Parenting is a series of unpredictable events. Every day is like an exciting adventure, but it can also be frustrating and stressful.

Mindfulness” is helpful in such situations. 

Mindfulness is a simple habit of “being aware of the present moment. By focusing on the time you spend with your child in front of you, rather than getting caught up in past mistakes or fears about the future, you can make parenting more peaceful and enjoyable.

7 Secrets to Clear Frustration with Mindfulness Parenting

1. Calm your mind with deep breathing.

Specific Methods

  • Do this in a quiet place with your eyes closed.
  • Inhale slowly through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth.
  • Concentrate on your breathing, and if any thoughts arise, gently bring your attention back to it.
  • Do this for a few minutes every day.


  • Concentrating on your breathing helps you to clear your mind and become calm.
  • Doing this for a few minutes each day will help you feel the benefits.
  • Doing deep breathing with your child will help you and your child relax together.


  • Can reduce irritability and stress.
  • Can improve concentration.
  • It can calm the mind and make you calm.

2. Attend to the child’s feelings.

Specific Methods.

  • Look the child in the eye and listen intently.
  • Empathize with the child’s feelings and try to understand them.
  • Help the child to express his/her feelings in words.
  • Accept the child’s behavior without denying it.


  • Sympathizing with the child’s feelings helps the child to feel secure.
  • By supporting the child to express his/her feelings in words, the child can understand his/her own feelings.
  • By “accepting” the child’s behavior without denying it, the child can increase his/her sense of self-affirmation.


  • Parent-child relationship is improved.
  • Gains the child’s trust.
  • The child’s sense of self-esteem can be enhanced.

3Ј. Do not seek perfection.

Specific Methods.

  • Admit that parenting is not perfect.
  • Praise yourself for what you have done, without beating yourself up.
  • Set small goals and praise yourself when you achieve them.
  • Enjoy parenting at your own pace, without comparing yourself with others.


  • By striving for perfection, it is easy to beat yourself up and feel stressed out.
  • By setting small goals, it is easier to feel a sense of accomplishment and boost your self-confidence.
  • Comparing yourself to others makes it easier to feel inferior.


  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Can afford to enjoy parenting.

4. Take care of yourself.

Specific ways.

  • Make time to do what you love.
  • Make time to praise yourself.
  • Learn from your mistakes without beating yourself up.
  • Get enough rest and sleep.


  • By taking care of yourself, you will be healthier both physically and mentally, and you will have more time to raise your child.
  • Praising yourself will boost your self-confidence.
  • Getting a good rest and sleep will refresh your body and mind.


  • Stress and anxiety are reduced.
  • Increases happiness.
  • Positive influence on children.

5. Mindfulness for parents and children together.

Specific ways.

  • Take a walk or observe nature together to sharpen the senses.
  • Read picture books together to nurture imagination and empathy.
  • Do simple meditations together to calm the mind.
  • Share experiences and deepen learning about mindfulness with parents and children.


  • By working together, parents and children can activate communication and strengthen their bond.
  • By incorporating mindfulness into your child’s development, you can support your child’s growth.


  • Improves the parent-child relationship.
  • Can support children’s growth.
  • Family bonding is strengthened.

6. Start little by little, without overdoing it.

Specific Methods.

  • Breathe deeply for 5 minutes daily.
  • Concentrate on conversation during meals.
  • Play with your children while doing housework.
  • Before going to bed, write down what you are grateful for.


  • Starting little by little, without overdoing it, will make it easier to make it a habit.
  • By incorporating it into your daily life, it will be easier to continue.


  • It becomes easier to make it a habit.
  • Stress and anxiety are reduced.
  • You will have more time to enjoy raising your child.

7. Connect with peers and stay motivated.

Connecting with others who practice mindfulness parenting is important for maintaining motivation and for more effective parenting.

Ways to connect with peers.

  • Share information on social networking sites
    Use the hashtag “#MindfulnessParenting” to share your practices and benefits.
    Not only will you gain empathy and new ideas, but it will also help you find your own way of mindfulness parenting.
  • Join our online community
    Join an online community where you can interact and exchange information with others who share your concerns.
    It can help you feel less alone and keep you motivated.
  • Interact with other families who are practicing the same way.
    Interact with families who are also practicing mindfulness parenting at local childcare support centers and events.
    By actually meeting and talking with them, you will feel a deeper connection.

Benefits of connecting with your peers

  • Encourage each other and stay motivated.
  • Share your worries and joys and relieve feelings of loneliness
  • Gain new ideas and information.
  • Expand your perspective on parenting.

Connecting with peers can make mindfulness parenting more enjoyable and effective.
Actively interact and find fellow parenting moms & dads!


Practicing mindfulness parenting can reduce frustration and stress and make parenting more peaceful and enjoyable.
Also, by connecting with your peers, you can stay motivated and practice mindfulness parenting more effectively.

We encourage you to adopt mindfulness parenting and live each day with a smile on your face, both with your child and with your parents.

Have a good life!