Muscle Rejuvenation] Trigonelline, an ingredient of coffee beans, rejuvenates muscles.


As we age, muscle mass decreases and muscle strength declines.
This is a form of aging known as sarcopenia, and sarcopenia can increase the risk of falls and fractures, making daily life more difficult.

Recently, a study published in the German medical journal Nature Metabolism revealed that trigonelline, an ingredient found in coffee beans, can help rejuvenate muscles.

Molecule Found In Coffee Helps Aging Muscles, New Study Says
The molecule trigonelline has also been linked with improvements in memory and learning as well as anti-inflammatory eff...
Trigonelline is an NAD+ precursor that improves muscle function during ageing and is reduced in human sarcopenia - Nature Metabolism
Trigonelline is identified as a human metabolite that can be used for NAD+ synthesis and is shown to improve muscle func...

The study looked at blood levels of trigonelline in several species and found that the higher the concentration, the higher the muscle strength and muscle function**.

How Trigonelline Rejuvenates Muscle

So how does trigonelline rejuvenate muscles?
Let me explain the mechanism.

1. Activates mitochondria and supports energy production

Trigonelline acts as a source of NAD+, which helps mitochondria, the energy-producing factories in our cells.
NAD+ is an auxiliary component necessary for cells to produce energy, and its amount decreases as we age.
This leads to muscle wasting.

Trigonelline can increase the amount of NAD+ and improve mitochondrial function.
This allows cells to produce more energy, facilitating muscle growth and repair.

2. Enhances muscle protein synthesis.

Trigonelline also stimulates the production of muscle-building proteins.
As we age, the efficiency of this protein synthesis declines, but trigonelline activates mTOR, a pathway that controls cell growth and protein synthesis, thereby stimulating muscle synthesis and preventing loss of muscle mass.

3. Suppresses muscle inflammation

Age-related muscle inflammation is associated with muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass.
Trigonelline supports muscle health by reducing the production of inflammation-causing substances and controlling the inflammatory response.
This helps delay muscle aging.

4. Additional Health Benefits

Trigonelline has several other benefits that help keep muscles young.

  • Antioxidant properties:
    Protects muscle health by preventing cell damage caused by reactive oxygen species.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity:
    Helps muscles utilize sugar for energy and supports protein synthesis.
  • Controls blood glucose levels:
    Prevents the negative effects of high blood sugar on muscles.

Thus, trigonelline contributes to muscle rejuvenation through multiple mechanisms, including the production of muscle energy, promotion of protein synthesis, and suppression of inflammation.
Together, these actions help mitigate age-related muscle loss and help maintain healthier muscles.

How to consume Trigonelline efficiently

Trigonelline is an effective ingredient for muscle rejuvenation, and there are a few things you can do to maximize this ingredient from coffee.

Choose a shallow roasted coffee.

The degree of roasting of coffee beans has a significant effect on the trigonelline content.
Shallow-roasted coffee has more trigonelline remaining than deep-roasted coffee.
Some trigonelline is broken down during the roasting process, so if you want to consume more trigonelline, you should choose shallow-roasted coffee beans.

Enjoy freshly ground coffee

The moment coffee beans are ground, they begin to oxidize and their beneficial components, including trigonelline, are reduced.
Drinking freshly ground coffee reduces the loss of components due to oxidation and allows you to consume more trigonelline.

Savor coffee slowly.

Drinking coffee slowly and savoring it helps the body absorb trigonelline more efficiently.
Instead of drinking in a hurry, take a break, relax, and enjoy your coffee time.

Coffee with meals

Drinking coffee with meals increases the efficiency of trigonelline absorption.
In particular, it is believed that drinking coffee with a meal that contains protein and healthy fats will help the body take in trigonelline more smoothly.

Also consider trigonelline supplements.

If you are not a fan of coffee or would like to consume trigonelline more reliably, one option is to take a trigonelline supplement.
Supplements are an efficient way to consume trigonelline without having to worry about the caffeine inherent in coffee.

Cautions when taking Trigonelline

Trigonelline is usually safe to take, but in extremely rare cases it may not be suitable for your constitution.
If you are concerned about allergic reactions, try a small amount or consult your doctor.
Pregnant and lactating women are also advised to consult with a physician before taking any product or supplement containing trigonelline.


Trigonelline is an ingredient found in coffee beans that contributes to muscle health and rejuvenation, and can be consumed efficiently by drinking freshly ground, shallow roasted coffee slowly and with meals.
Supplementation is another option.
Take a good dose of trigonelline to maintain healthy muscles.

Have a good life!